Happy International Women's Day, everyone! This Women's Day I was lucky enough to be invited to attend a luncheon hosted by Prestige and Louis XIII where they had several female entrepreneurs gather to network and speak about what it means to be an 'independent' woman. The event was at Café Un Deux Trois at Mandarin Oriental Taipei. We also had mini photo sessions and interviews with the magazine! One of the questions was, "In your eyes, what does it mean to be an independent and successful woman?" To me, I think it means being self reliant for your own happiness and your own life, and being self reliant. I don't think you necessarily have to earn a lot of money or be in a very high position. You can be a stay at home mother and be independent and successful. You can be a company founder. You can be an office lady. You can be CEO of a large multinational. As long as you're in control of your own happiness, know how to take care of yourself, and in control of your own life, to me that's the definition of success! 

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