Even though I love going out for brunch, my favorite type of weekend morning is still making egg white omelettes at home. That way I know where all the ingredients are sourced from, make sure they’re all really fresh, and get to choose which brands I get to use (we use all organic)! Today I want to share with you my open egg white omelette recipe that I made this Saturday morning for my husband and myself. I usually go for open omelettes instead of regular because I want to add more ingredients inside to make its healthier. It’s very easy to make, tastes great, and super healthy. If you’re wondering what I did with the egg yolks, head over to this post for some egg yolk beauty tricks! 

egg white open omellete recipe 1

egg white open omellete recipe 2

For a two person portion, I recommend using 4-6 eggs. It sounds like a lot but you’re only going to be using the egg white portion so it’s not that much. After separating out the egg whites from the yolks, I just let it sit there while I prepared the rest of the ingredients.

egg white open omellete recipe 3I took some frozen broccoli from Costco and added hot water, and let it sit there before dicing them up. I then washed two tomatoes and diced them up to small pieces. I also diced three cheeses from Baybel. egg white open omellete recipe 4

 After turning on the skillet on low and adding avocado oil, I let it simmer for a bit to let it get hot. I then started adding the diced broccoli, cheese, and tomatoes onto the skillet and sautéed them all together. Tip here is to add the cheese last so it doesn’t melt too fast. I then put everything on to the side before I started to cook the egg whites.egg white open omellete recipe 5

egg white open omellete recipe 6

Same thing with the other ingredients, I put the avocado oil in again and added the egg whites so that it evenly spread throughout the pan. After letting it sit there on low, I just dumped all the ingredients on there and added salt! egg white open omellete recipe 7

egg white open omellete recipe 8

I then moved the ingredients on one side flip the egg white over so that it just covers the ingredients. After you make sure it cooked well, you’re done! I added brussell sprouts on the side because I think it goes quite well with the omelette. If you want a kick to your brunch, you can add Tabasco sauce as well! As you can see the receipt is really easy, and you can vary it however you want. Next time I want to try adding avocado or even mushrooms. The recipe is so easy that you can try different variations and combinations each time to see which on you and your family like best! Happy brunching!  

love michelle yuan