Kai and I have been wanting to go to Tsukiyoiwa for the longest time! We had a reservation a few months back but then Covid hit and then we had to cancel. We went with our friends this time and while I have to say the food was great, I could see why it doesn’t have a Michelin star. Each dish was made really well and you can tell that the crab, the seafood, and all the ingredients were really fresh. I especially loved the crab. We weren’t able to get the top menu as it was already sold out but in my opinion, the crab was already really good. My favorite was also the fish roe rice with large truffle flakes, that was so amazing! The dessert could have been more ‘wow’ but it wasn’t a dealbreaker. What the restaurant could improve is the service. Our waiter was very nice but he wasn’t very experienced, which was disappointing for a restaurant of their caliber. When he served us a drink, he didn’t introduce what it was and only when one of us drank it, we found out there was alcohol. We had already told the restaurant when booking that we didn’t want to drink alcohol (some of us were driving, some of us just got vaccinated, and some of us were taking painkillers for sports injuries). The waiter didn’t mention anything and just served the drink without telling us there was alcohol in it. I wouldn’t say this ruined the whole experienced but we weren’t too happy when we found out (especially those who didn’t want to drink). He also dropped a few truffles on the floor when shaving them over our rice, which didn’t affect us too much but just shows his lack of experience. He was really nice but I think the restaurant should’ve provided him with more training. Apart from that, I would say I was pretty happy with the food and the whole dining experience. I would go back again and do recommend this restaurant - just make sure you request for more experienced servers for your table!

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