On our last day in Tokyo, my husband and I decided to go on a mini brunch date to the Dior Café by Pierre Hermé in Ginza, Tokyo. This year's trip was so different and unexpected due to COVID-19 literally growing more and more serious each day as we were traveling. There were so many places we planned to go, such as the hot springs and art galleries, but decided not to because we knew there would be a lot of people there. I tried not to watch the news that much because it would just make me more anxious. We mainly shopped, ate, and just had a relaxed schedule when we were here, which I actually really enjoyed. Overall, I loved this trip but I'm not sure when we'd be back. Hopefully this virus goes away soon so we can come back and enjoy Tokyo again! 

dior cafe 1

dior cafe 2

dior cafe 3

dior cafe 4

dior cafe 5

love michelle yuan