Over the past weekend, 印象北歐莊園俱樂部 Impression Nordic Manor Club invited us for a one night stay to check out their hotel as a potential venue for one of our upcoming weddings! The hotel is located in Nantou, Taiwan in the middle of the mountains and sometimes above the clouds! The view is seriously so amazing and the rooms were so cool - they really played out that boho modern luxe style with all the decor. I was really impressed that there was such a place in the mountains of Nantou. As for a wedding, the venue is great for smaller intimate weddings less than 70 guests if you want to have a ceremony as well. A ceremony near the pool would just be so unbelievably breathtaking especially if the clouds come up! You'd literally be tying the knot on clouds! The only thing with having a wedding here is that sourcing the vendors would be a bit of a challenge if you were looking to do it by yourself. Thankfully, our company does know so many vendors that it wouldn't be a problem! In fact, we're really excited to feature this venue on Asia Wedding Network as a wedding package for our future clients! Maybe I'll do a vow renewal here in the future! 

love michelle yuan