This was my first time using products from Elemis and I must say, each one is very effective in its own way! My favorite was definitely the Superfood Facial Oil which really enhanced my skin even on those days where everything is feeling super dull. I love how it has a healthy combination of broccoli seed and flax seed oil, which make really gives my skin a lot of vitamin C. I can almost see an immediate brightness to my cheeks after rubbing in a few drops. It even smells like a healthy, organic citrus smell - almost like a super healthy veggie juice! I usually use around 2-3 drops before I put on the Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream, which is another must-have product from the group. I love how hydrating it is and how it’s free from harmful ingredients like parabens. I’m always scared of using day time moisturisers that aren’t creamy enough and can’t last the whole day but this one definitely does! If you’re looking for a gentle exfoliator, I highly recommend the Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Pads. It has an exclusive technology that helps shed dead skin sells and renew healthy skin, making my face noticeably more smooth after using it. I usually don’t use this everyday since I don’t like exfoliating too often but when I do use them, I can almost see an immediate change. I use them around once every one or two weeks depending how much makeup I’ve worn during that time period. For days where I’ve worn quite a bit of makeup, I like to stick to the Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm which is a deep skin cleanser that’s hyper charged with anti-aging algae. Not only does it remove makeup and daily grime, it’s surprisingly hydrating, which is not what I expected from a makeup removing cleanser (which are usually quite dry). The smell is super calming and makes me feel like I’m literally at the spa! I can’t wait to discover more products from Elemis and share them with you guys! 

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這是我第一次用Elemis的產品,我必須說~每個產品都有自己的效力!我最喜歡的絕對是它們的超能量滋養精華油 (Superfood Facial Oil),即使在那些感覺很沉悶的日子,它也真的會改善皮膚。裡面的綠花椰菜和亞麻籽油的健康組合讓它給皮膚提供大量的維生素C。揉搓後真的可以立刻看到臉變的更亮。它甚至聞起來有一個很健康的「citrus」的味道~很像一杯極健康的蔬菜汁。我每天會用2-3滴然後再用Elemis骨膠原海洋乳霜(Pro-Collagen Marine Anti- Wrinkle Day Cream)。我非常喜歡它的保濕效果,以及不含對羥基苯甲酸酯等有害的成分~這一點很重要。我一直很害怕使用不夠的乳脂並且不能持續一整天的日間保濕霜,但是這款絕對可以持續一整天,到傍晚也沒問題!如果在找溫和的去角質霜,我強烈推薦Elemis煥膚亮肌潔膚墊(Dynamic Resurfacing Facial Pads)。它有一個獨特的技術,可以幫助去除死皮並恢復健康的皮膚,讓我的臉很明確的變成更光滑。我通常不會每天用去角質的保養品,但是每次用這款幾乎都可以看到確實有差別。在我卸妝的時候,我喜歡用Elemis 骨膠原卸妝膏(Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm) 來洗臉,它包含一種可以幫助深層皮膚清潔劑的海藻。它不但可以卸妝和除掉日常的污垢,還有令人驚奇的保濕效果(通常洗完都很乾)。還有它有一個很可以讓你放鬆的味道,感覺好像我真的是在spa做臉!我很期待可以從Elemis發現更多好的保養品~可以再跟大家分享!


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