cookie bouquet flowers wrap wedding gift favor


As you guys might know (if you’re currently wedding planning), our Asia Wedding Network (AWN) Concierge team can literally make anything happen. Recently, we had a super sweet bride come to us with a photo of little mini bouquets from Pinterest. But these weren’t flower bouquets, they were bouquets with cookie-shaped flowers mixed with small dried flowers, wrapped like a real flower bouquet. She wanted them as wedding favors, and we were determined to make her dream come true. With the help of our vendors, we were able to create these adorable “cookie bouquets” for her wedding - all within her budget! The vendor we worked with had so much fun making them and the bride was beyond happy with the result :) It’s these stories that make me love our AWN concierge for making every bride’s dreams come true. All they need to do is message us on our website, show us a photo of what they want, and we make it happen, simple as that!