超級愛這場小型舒適的婚禮在Bellavita!我最喜歡一個很creative的idea就是貴賓找到他們桌號的方式 - 這是超級可愛的idea:他們幫每位貴賓拍兩張polaroid的照片,一張給他們保留,一張夾在一個polaroid的板子上。每個貴賓在那個板子上找到他們的名字(和桌號),把小條子換成他們照的polaroid~新娘和新郎就可以收集他們家人和朋友照的polaroid!Overall 我非常喜歡婚禮的綠色,金色和白色主題 - 看看這些細節一定會讓您愛上小型舒適的婚禮〜


Super in love with this small and cozy wedding! One thing I loved was the way guests found their table number - it was super cute: They had a girl taking 2 Polaroids for each guest group - one for them to keep and one to place on a Polaroid stand! Each guest found their name (and table number) on the stand and replaced it with the Polaroid they took - so the bride and groom got to take away a stand full of Polaroids of their family and friends at their wedding. Overall I loved the green, gold, and white theme of the wedding the details will surely make you have a special appreciation for small, cozy weddings!

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