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當我們去首爾旅行的時候,我們喜歡去找找新的咖啡廳!這家咖啡聽是屬於韓國最著名的男裝品牌WOOYOUNGMI設計師開的。我第一次聽說這個品牌是當我在Mr. Porter幫我男朋友挑選衣服時,但是當時我並沒有太注意到這個品牌的背景。在咖啡聽裡,我開始google更多關於這位設計師的信息,驚訝的發現這個男裝品牌的創業者是一位女性!女性設計師Woo Youngmi在30年前首次推出了男士品牌Solid Homme,並與她的朋友們一起創立了“New Wave”,一個為新設計師們展示他們作品的平台,後來變成了首爾時裝週Seoul Fashion Week!現在,WOOYOUNGMI由她和她的女兒共同經營,並開始與其他品牌合作以進一步擴大K-fashion的公司~ #girlpowerindeed!

When in Seoul, we love to explore new coffee shops! This one is owned by the designer of WOOYOUNGMI, Korea’s most famous menswear brand. I first heard of the brand when I was shopping for my boyfriend on Mr. Porter but I didn’t look into it much. At the cafe, I started to google more about the designer and was so surprised to find out that the founder of the menswear brand is a woman! Woo Youngmi, the female designer first launched the menswear brand Solid Homme 30 years ago, and with her friends founded, ‘New Wave’ a platform for new designers to showcase their work - which later inspired Seoul Fashion Week! Now, WOOYOUNGMI is run by her and her daughter who began to work on collaborations with other brands, further expanding their K-fashion company ~ #girlpowerindeed! 

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