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我們終於來到夏天的最後一天,我做了一些思考我在2017年夏天學到的所有事情 - 在事業和生活中。從這幾個月發生的事情,我整理了10件東西,我希望永遠不會忘記:

As we come down to the very last day of summer, I did a bit of reflecting of all the things I learned during summer 2017 - on business and in life. Inspired by the events and experiences that happened to me during these past few months, here are 10 things I learned and hopefully will never forget: 

1. 好朋友可以隨時進入你的生活。

2. 常常聽到的「客戶永遠是對的」並不見得是對的。

3. 眼線畫不好就洗掉從新開始,不要修改這樣會更醜。

4. 不要過度信任人。信任但要充分驗證。

5. “瑕疵”是美麗的。不要讓別人告訴你不是。

6. 星期六早上工作讓我很開心。

7. 刪除在網路購物的事件就會發現時間更多。

8. 不要低估愛和欣賞自己的重要性。

9. 酒是睡好覺的關鍵。

10. 藉口很低俗

1. Great people can come into your life at any moment. 

2. The saying, ‘The Customer is Always Right,’ is wrong.

3. If you screw up your eyeliner, wash your face and do it over. Don’t try to fix it. 

4. Don’t over-trust people. Trust, but verify. 

5. “Flaws” are beautiful. Don’t let people tell you otherwise. 

6. Working on Saturday mornings makes me happy.

7. Saying ‘no’ to online shopping is the key to gaining more time. 

8. Don’t underestimate the importance of loving and appreciating yourself. 

9. Wine is the key to sleep.

10. Excuses are tacky.

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