Lately, I’ve been having so much trouble falling asleep that I actually became super stressed out about falling asleep! So I would be really tired from a long day of work, get ready for bed, and then lie there for the whole night. My eyes would be closed but my mind would be furiously creating tomorrow’s to-do list - and then trying to remember it all. So stressful, right? So I tried everything from breathing exercises to ear plugs to lavender pillow spray. As you can see, I was getting desperate to catch some z’s. 


Finally, I had half a glass of wine and I was knocked out cold. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not telling you that the trick to falling asleep is to drink (let’s not become alcoholics here…) - but drinking that wine really got me relaxed, in a good mood, and it really got my mind off whatever it was focusing on. 


Of course, I didn’t want to be completely dependent on wine, so I started finding ways to completely relax myself, including watching brainless hilarious youtube videos or playing with my dog (she’s always up for a fun snuggle before bed). For me (and hopefully this works for you) it’s all about distracting yourself and finding ways to relax and finally fall asleep. 


One last note on fighting insomnia is that you have to train your mind to think that you do not have sleeping problems. Before, when it was night time, I used to get nervous that I had to sleep, and I would already start stressing out about falling asleep before I even tried because I knew I wouldn’t be able to! Don’t think it’s normal that you can’t fall asleep and don’t tell yourself that you have insomnia. If you don't believe you can fall asleep, you never will!