exercise success1


After reading articles and books about the daily habits of successful people, I’ve found that all of these people have one thing in common: They all exercise! Of course, there are many ways to define success, but whether you’re an entrepreneur, a business woman/man, a corporate career woman/man, a stay at home mother, student, or someone who is still trying to find their calling in life, exercise will make you more successful at whatever you do! Personally, here’s why I think so:

1. 運動會讓我保持積極態度。也許這是因為運動出來的內啡肽,但鍛煉身體和保持活力的生活,會讓我有比較積極和快樂的想法。也讓我受得了比較對待不那麼容忍的人(哈哈),讓我心情變更好。

2. 運動會讓我有更好的決心和意志。瞄一下我的工作清單就會讓我非常快的不堪重負。運動完了,流了一點汗就讓我的心神頭腦更清楚,讓我用更多精神去工作或完成一個任務!

3. 運動會讓我更有信心。不知道為什麼可是運動會讓我更相信自己。雖然我不知道這是為什麼,但是如果我一段時間不運動,我對自己和我的能力就沒有那麼自信~就感覺弱弱的。

1. It helps me stay positive. Maybe it’s because of all the feel good endorphins, but exercising and staying active tends to make me think more positively. It also makes me more forgiving of people who are less tolerable (ha!) and puts me in a better mood in general. 

2. It helps me focus better. A look at my to-do list instantly makes me overwhelmed so focus is something I really need each day. After a good workout, my mind is instantly cleared, making me focus better with higher energy.

3. It makes me more confident. For some reason, exercise makes me believe in myself more. I don’t know what it is but if I don’t work out for awhile, I’m not as confident in myself and my abilities as when I do workout.