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I love everything about the holiday season - the cold weather, the family gatherings, the amazing food - but every year I always struggle with one thing: Keeping fit. And the freezing weather doesn’t help either! I love the winter but when it’s cold, the last thing I want to do is change into my workout clothes and head to the gym. But when Spring rolls around and it’s time to lose the sweaters and the Uggs (a.k.a. my winter BFFs), I always regret not maintaining my diet and workout plan during the holidays. So this year, I’m using the Runtastic Apps to remind myself not to completely ‘let go.’ In addition to using the ‘Runtastic’ App for workout tracking and the ‘Balance’ App for food tracking, this holiday season, I’ll also be using the ‘Results’ App for mini workouts that I can plan throughout the day. The ‘Results’ App gives you a variety of mini exercise videos, allowing you to choose standalone workouts or even create your own workout. Sometimes, I do a few sets in the morning or a night before I sleep, and I make sure I do them when we don’t have sessions planned with out trainer. Some of the workouts only take 2 minutes and some can even be done in bed (think ab crunches or leg lifts before sleeping). With packed schedules and limited motivation, I’ll be relying on the mini workouts from the Results App to keep in shape this season. If you’re up for the challenge, you too can download the free app here. Happy Holidays! 

寒冷的天氣,家庭聚會,超好吃的食物~我每年都好期待冬天的歡樂佳節!但每年我總是與一件事情鬥爭:保持身材。而寒冷的天氣更讓我不想動!我真的喜歡冬天的感覺,但當天氣寒冷的時候,我想做的最後一件事就是換上運動服去健身房。但當春天到的時候,就是不能穿毛衣和UGGs的時候(我的冬天BFF哈哈),我都會很後悔為什麼冬天沒控制飲食和鍛煉的規劃。所以今年,我會使用Runtastic的APPs來提醒自己不要完全“let go”~還是要努力保持健康。今年冬天除了使用’Runtastic’的APP紀錄健身的過程和’Balance’的APP追蹤飲食,我也會用’Results’的APP來看一些迷你鍛鍊影片。一打開’Results’的APP就可以看到就可以參考各種鍛鍊影片,讓你選擇獨立的鍛煉,甚至創建自己的鍛煉。有時候,我會在早上做一些reps或是晚上睡覺前也會做一兩個迷你鍛鍊動作,尤其是當我們沒有和教練訓練的時候。有些鍛煉set只需要2分鐘,有些甚至可以在床上完成(睡覺前可以考慮仰臥起坐或抬腿哈哈)。隨著時間表和動力有限,這冬天我就會靠’Results’的APP的迷你訓練動作來保持本身材健康。如果你也想跟我試試看,可以點擊這裡來下載’Results’的APP

*This post was created in partnership with the super friendly Runtastic team!*

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