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大家早安!現在你們知道我現在在使用Runtastic跟踪我的健身,跑步,和各種運動。最近,Runtastic推出了新的APP,讓你跟踪你吃的東西還有計算熱量!這個APP叫Balance,超級容易使用!如果好好地用它真的可以讓你減肥或維持體重。像我整天坐在位置上工作,當我壓力比較大的時候,我會去找東西吃,放在桌上不停的吃!可是開始用Balance APP來計算我吃的卡路里,我真的就不敢吃太多,這個APP會讓我自動控制自己吃的東西。住在亞洲我們有很多食物在很多計算卡路里的APP是找不到的。Balance APP的選擇超多的!它們還有台灣的鳳梨酥唷!另外覺得很酷的是這個APP還讓你選比較特別的餐飲設計規劃。有一些會讓你減肥或提高你的精力!我知道大家每天都很忙,都沒時間注意自己吃進身體裡的東西,你不覺得應該現在開始跟踪嗎?

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Morning guys! As you know, I’ve been using Runtastic to track my workouts and pump up my running routine. Well recently, Runtastic has launched a new app that tracks what you eat and counts your calories for you! It’s super easy to use and really helps with weight loss or just weight maintenance. Sitting at my desk all day, I tend to over-snack when I get stressed or tired. By keeping track of what I eat and counting my calorie intake, I was surprised at how I automatically become more disciplined about what I eat. Living in Asia, I love how the Balance app also has tons of food options to input into your food diary - they even have ‘Taiwan Pineapple Cake!’ What’s also cool about this app is depending on what your goals are, they even have meal plans that you can purchase to help you lose weight or boost your energy! All of us are so busy that sometimes we don’t pay attention to what we put into our bodies, don’t you think it’s important to start tracking?

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