Starting off the year with Kiehl’s Purifying Foaming Cleanser! Loving this cleanser as it’s seriously helping me recover from the holiday season. All those late nights and family & friends gatherings has somewhat left my skin a bit discolored - not to mention the intense pollution we faced last month in Taipei. After a few uses, I’ve noticed that the redness on my face has diminished and my skin is feeling much more hydrated. The cleanser washes off very clean but not too tight, and doesn’t leave my face too dry. So far, I definitely recommend this cleanser - especially if you want to get rid of some unwanted dark spots. 

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新年就開始用Kiehl’sPurifying Foaming清潔劑~超喜歡的! 上個月的holiday season有很多家人朋友的聚會,常常會很晚睡覺,真的讓我的皮膚有點變色更不用說我們上個月在台北的污染很嚴重。用了幾次的Kiehl’s Purifying Foaming清潔劑,我就開始立刻感覺到我臉上的紅紅顏色減少了,皮膚感覺更加水潤,希望可以保持這樣!用完這款就有個很乾淨的感覺,我最喜歡早上用(其實早晚都可以用)。目前用的還不錯,尤其是如果臉有點紅紅的~推!!

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