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I love taking walks outside in the cold, but one of my pet peeves during winter time is having dry skin and chapped lips. Well today, I want to talk to you about my favorite oils for surviving the winter dryness. First, is the Chantecaille Rose de Mai Face Oil, which is infused with five different roses to protect your skin. When I first opened the bottle, I was in love with the fresh flowery smell (it’s the same smell as the Chantecaille mascara). Although slightly more expensive than other oils on the market, I really loved how delicate it was and how quickly it was able to be absorbed onto my face. On my drier days, I like to replace my serums with this oil as it leave my skin feeling softer and more hydrated. 

到12月的時候我很喜歡在外面冷冷的散散步,但是到冬天我很不喜歡乾燥皮膚的感覺。那麼今天呢,我想跟你分享我冬天不能沒有的兩個冬天臉部保養油。首先是Chantecaille Rose de Mai護臉油,這款用了五種不同的玫瑰來保護皮膚的濕度。當我第一次打開瓶子的時候,我馬上就愛上了新鮮的花香氣味(跟Chantecaille睫毛膏一樣的味道)。雖然比市場上其他臉部保養油稍微貴了一點,但我真的很喜歡它這麼容易能被吸收到我臉的皮膚上。在冷一點的天氣時覺得比較乾燥的時候,我喜歡用這種護臉油代替我的精華液。這會讓我的皮膚感覺更柔軟,更有水分。

The other oil I really like is the Omorovicza Miracle Facial Oil (the middle one in the gift set). This oil has more of a moisturising effect rather than being oily and heavy, so I use this on days when my skin feels less dry. After several days of using this oil, my face instantly feels brightened and very, very soft. I also love the feeling of the Elemental Emulsion (on the left in the gift set). It’s a soothing lightweight lotion that can be used as an extra serum or to boost your moisturiser. And during the middle of the day, when I feel like my face needs more hydration, I like to use the Queen of Hungary mist for a refresher (on the right in the gift set). If you’re interested in buying these 3 products, here’s a little shopping tip I found: The gift set only costs $170 USD whereas the Miracle Facial Oil alone is already like $120 USD. 

另外想要介紹給你們的臉部保養油就是Omorovicza Miracle Face Oil(套裝的中間)。這種護臉油有更多的保濕效果,而不會太油膩膩的,所以我會在皮膚沒有太乾的時候用這款。用了幾天後你就會感覺到皮膚會變成明亮起來,非常非常柔軟。我也超喜歡Omorovicza Elemental Emulsion的感覺(套裝的左邊)。 這款很舒緩的輕量化妝水,很適合用在第二程的精華液或更加強你的保濕。 而在差不多下午的時候當我覺得我的臉需要更多的水分時,我喜歡用Queen of Hungary Mist來提神以下皮膚(套裝的右邊)。 如果想要買的話,我有一個購物小提示:買這款套裝現在才$170USD~光買Miracle Face Oil就大概要$120USD了!

Although both these oils are more on the expensive side, I think it’s fine to pamper yourself a bit more this holiday season, don’t you think? :) 


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chantecaille rose de mai review omorovicza face oil review