one essential dior serum review

When you walk around in a pollution filled city, there’s billions of invisible dirty little particles that attack your skin. According to experts, these particles can block your skin’s ability to produce natural collagen, leading to premature ageing (!!!!) and dehydrated skin (!). Besides drinking more water, sleeping more, washing my face asap when you get home, etc etc - I’ve also started to take my skincare routine more seriously. Apart from the basics (makeup remover, cleanser, toner), I’ve been looking for a serum that fights toxins. 


I stumbled upon the One Essential Serum by Dior and so far it’s been working quite well! Dior claims that their serum helps remove some 7 billion toxins that accumulate in the skin. While I can’t completely say it’s fighting off the pollution (I mean, unless you were a scientist, how would you ever know), my face does feel much smoother. I can say that my skin feels tighter and the formula seems to absorb pretty well. Also, fun fact: This product actually won the Nobel Prize! Dior scientists actually discovered that proteasome, a natural enzyme, breaks down indeed damaged proteins in aged skin. They stimulate this with a patented longoza extract, from a flower found in Madagascar, and toxins from the skin are removed! This basically helps your skin absorb ingredients from skincare 400% better and helps it to achieve a youthful glow. 

在網上尋找的時候就突然找到One Essential Serum by Dior~目前這款精華液真的是很不錯!Dior號稱這款可以除掉70億多皮膚上的毒素細菌。雖然我不能完全說它真的是會有效(除非你是一個科學家,你怎麼知道?)但是我真的感覺到臉上更平滑。我可以說,我的皮膚感覺更緊密,精華液真的吸收得很好。另外有趣的是這款產品之前有得到諾貝爾獎!一群Dior的科學家們發現,蛋白酶體是一種天然的酶,能夠分解老化皮膚中真正受損的蛋白質。他們用馬達加斯加的一種花提取專利的龍舌蘭提取物來刺激皮膚的毒素。這基本上可以幫助你的皮膚吸收400%的護膚成分,並幫助它達到年輕的光芒。

While the price is a bit high, it’s definitely worth it! You can use the LaPamp price comparison feature to find the best price - or look for more products from the One Essential collection by Dior. 

雖然價格比較高,我真的很喜歡這款精華液!大家可以用LaPamp的價格比較功能來找最好的價格,或找更多Dior的One Essential系列的產品!