夏日髮型就是該性感又趣味。。。而如稻草般的髮絲也是我在泳池與海邊度過夏天的成果。我還是喜歡中長髮,所以我謹將髮尾的分岔修掉。但這次,我的髮型師不僅讓我帶著完美髮型離開,更有不少能幫助我維護健康髮品質的商品(感謝鄧先生和他的專業髮型團隊!)。我的頭皮每到夏季就會變得特別油,但髮尾部分卻是非常容易乾(很難搞是不是?哈哈)。鄧先生和他的團隊給了我一瓶專門針對油性頭皮的Shiseido Hair Care Fuente Forte洗髮精,以及一瓶專門修護乾燥髮尾的Kerastase Chronologiste香氛髮油,這兩款髮品現在都是我的最佳得力助手!Shiseido洗髮精讓我的頭皮不再感到油膩膩,Keratase髮油則讓我的頭髮不再乾枯如稻草且絲絲滑順。如果你也跟我一樣是混合型的頭皮及髮質,千萬別忘了試試這兩項商品喔!

Shiseido Hair Care Fuente Forte Shampoo:

Kerastase Chronologiste Frangrant Hair Oil:

Summer hair is all sexy and fun until you get to the end of summer. That’s when my hair feels like hay after being soaked in swimming pools and ocean water! I still love medium-long hair so I only went for a trim to get rid of all my split ends. But this time, not only did we leave Vis-a-vis with better hair, but hair products to help us maintain healthy hair (a bit shout out to 鄧先生 and his pro hair stylists!). The top of my hair gets super oily in the summer but the ends can get really dry (so hard to please, right?). Keeping this in mind, 鄧先生 and his team gave me Shiseido Hair Care Fuente Forte Shampoo for a less oily scalp and Kerastase Chronologiste Frangrant Hair Oil to smoothen out the ends of my hair. Both are a complete life-saver! With the Shiseido shampoo, the top of my hair feels less oily and with the Keratase hair oil, the body of my hair feels silky smooth. Highly recommend this combo for anyone with similar too oily too dry (hard to please) #hairissues.

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