skii rna review

最近我一直在尋找提升我的護膚程序的方法。我不喜歡在自己的臉上使用很多產品 - 特別是化妝 - 所以當我使用這些產品的時候,我想確保他們的質量。當尋找新的面霜時,我偶然發現了SKI-II這款超肌能活膚霜磁力微振組這個入儀採用「磁力微振技術」(Magnetic MicroPulse Technology),據說會比用手指更有效。它配備了SKI-II“Radical New Age” (R.N.A.)系列,這是一款非常非常豐富的保濕面霜。當我第一次使用時,我臉就變成超級潮濕油膩,我的臉就開始長青春痘了我也非常喜歡臉油膩膩的感覺。還有當我開始尋找時,我就是想要找到一種可以提供更多營養和水合的面霜!我知道抗衰老霜應該提供深層滋潤,但是我不知會真麼有效?畢竟,SKI-II磁力微振導入儀據說能夠以每分鐘7000次磁振動的輕微脈動來改善皮膚護理滲透,效果是使用手指的3倍!當我用手指塗,面霜就比較快變成比較乾,讓我知道SKI-II這款入儀多麼有效我建議要用少量一點的面霜就不會張青春痘,可是皮膚還是有那種油膩膩的感覺。總的來說,我不得不說,我很喜歡使用SK-II R.N.A.超肌能緊緻活膚霜+磁力微振導入儀,我強烈推薦大家使用更加滋養和有效的面霜。只要記住不要一次使用太多

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Recently I’ve been looking for ways to boost my skin care routine. I don’t really like to use a lot of products on my face - especially makeup - so when I do, I want to make sure they’re quality. When in search of a new face cream, I stumbled upon this SKI-II Magnetic Booster. This cute little wand apparently makes face creams more effective than if you applied it with your finger by using Magnetic MicroPulse Technology. It comes with SKI-II’s Radical New Age (R.N.A.) line, which is a very, very rich moisturiser. It is so rich that when I first put it on, my face was so moist and oily that I had a few breakouts! I still really like the way the cream felt on my face though and I was in search of a cream that provided more nourishment and hydration. I knew anti-aging cream was supposed to provide deep moisturization but I didn't know it would be this much - a bit too effective, perhaps? After all, the Magnetic Booster is said to improve skin care penetration with gentle pulsation at 7000 magnetic vibrations per minute, 3 times more effective when compared to finger application. When I tried applying it with my hand instead of the magnetic booster, the cream became more dry more quickly, making me realize how much more powerful the Magnetic booster was. After using less of the cream with the Magnetic Booster, I finally had less breakouts. Overall, I have to say that I love using the Magnetic Booster with the SKI-II RNA Moisturizer, and I highly recommend it to those who want a more nourishing and effective face cream. Just remember not to use too much at once!