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So Cosmopolitan named us #1 wedding Instagram account that brides have to follow and I’m beyond happy (click here for article)! We worked so hard to select the best inspiration and vendors for all our brides and grooms, and a lot of the credit goes to Joyce, our Asia Wedding Network Instagram Manager who wishes to remain low-key despite her impeccable taste and talent. For anyone who is using Instagram to grow their business, you’ll know that it is incredibly hard. From growing @asiaweddingnetwork with the team, here’s 9 quick tips I thought I’d share - and remember to follow our @asiaweddingnetwork IG here!

  1. Post pictures that make people go “WOW”
  2. Post videos & Instagram stories (or LIVE) - don't just post photos
  3. Use other industry-related platforms to post your work - even if you have to pay
  4. Write engaging captions so people stay longer on your post
  5. Engage with others in your industry (like, comment, DM!) 
  6. Clearly set what your Instagram objective is (more sales? brand awareness?) 
  7. Post at a time when you think most of your audience is on Instagram 
  8. Don’t post low resolution photos 
  9. Don’t be lazy - post at least once a day! 

我們亞洲婚禮的Instagram被Cosmopolitan成為#1必follow的婚禮IG,讓我很開心(點擊這裏來看文章)!我們非常努力挑選最漂亮的靈感和最好的廠商給我們的新娘新郎們。可是最感謝的就是我們亞洲婚禮IG Manager Joyce,她雖然很低調,我必須說Joyce的品味真的是非常好!對於任何使用Instagram來做生意的人來說,成為一個比較受歡迎,一直成長的Instagram是很困難的。從與亞洲婚禮團隊成長@asiaweddingnetwork的經驗,我來分享9個快速提示(不要忘記follow我們的@asiaweddingnetwork IG):

  1. PO讓人家會“WOW”的照片
  2. PO影片和Instagram故事(或直播) - 不要只po照片
  3. 使用其他行業相關平台發布您的IG - 即使您必須付費
  4. 寫有吸引力的標題,讓人們在您的IGpo文上留下更長的時間
  5. 與你所在行業的其他人進行交流(Comment,Like,DM!)
  6. 明確設定你的Instagram目標是什麼(更多銷售?品牌知名度?)
  7. PO文時間:您認為您大部分觀眾是在用Instagram的時候
  8. 不要po低分辨率的照片
  9. 不要懶惰 - 每天至少po一次!