time management hacks

還有誰覺得他們沒有足夠的時間?大概每一個人都有這樣的感覺——包括我!一邊管理著亞洲婚禮,幫福布斯寫專欄,出差,陪朋友和家人,健身,計畫生活(我要繼續嗎?) ——我常常覺得這是我vs時間的戰爭!確實是這樣,與時間賽跑的並不只有你一個人。那麼如何可以更明智地管理我的時間?我不知道別人如何進行,但是這裡是一些我的方法(可能會適合你!):

Who else feels like they never have enough time? Probably all of you - and certainly me! Between managing Asia Wedding Network to contributing for Forbes to meetings to business trips to spending time with friends and family to hitting the gym to organizing my life (should I go on?) - I always feel like it’s me vs. more time. So yes, you are not alone in this never-ending race against time. So how do I manage my time more wisely? I’m not sure what other people do but here are some ways that work for me (that might work for you!): 

1. To-do清單。這樣我一直都明確我需要在什麼時間做什麼事情,這樣我就不需要思考『做好了,那麼下一步是什麼呢?』因為我知道下一步是什麼 ~ 已經寫在了我的記事本上!

2. 我會想怎麼提前安排。我嘗試這樣去做提前思考可以使您有安排並且不會有遺忘,例如,如果我知道我需要去開會,我會把開會需要的所有事情都準備好。。。 名片,筆記本,電腦,相關文件等等 - 這樣我會很有安排,避免在最後一刻還在座位與開會室之間來回奔波(這非常浪費時間!)。

3. 我一次只做一件事,重點關注一件事。這是最難的,因為我很容易受到多任務的影響。但是我發現當我一次做一件事重點關注一件事情時,我會在一天之內完成更多的事情,但是如果我在多個任務之間來回切換,每個任務卻只能完成一半。

4. 我會記錄我的時間。我曾經在高中和大學裡做得更好因為不會像現在管理公司會有事情突然發生,當我可以更好的估計完成每個任務需要多長時間,記錄時間會有很大幫助!這樣就可以避免你的拖延和分心,因為你知道在每個時段應該做什麼!

5. 我也會休息。其實當創業者會很討厭休息,但有時休息是為了清理頭腦,保持平靜,做事情更有效率。我是一個非常不安的人,我喜歡快速完成工作,所以這個對我來說很難。但是最近我發現花一些時間好好的休息(無論是陪你愛的人還是把時間花在沙發上休息)會讓你工作更有效率。如果你發現自己的精力正在不斷的枯竭,就必須要進行適當的休息!一次高效的10分鐘休息可能會產生更有效率的2小時的工作時間喔!

  1. I create a to-do list. This way I always know what I have to do at any given time and I’m not sitting there thinking, “so what’s next?” Because I know what’s next - it’s written right on my notepad!
  2. I think ahead and organize accordingly. Or at least I try to. Thinking ahead allows you to get organised and become less forgetful. For example, if I know I have a meeting later, I’ll get all my things ready - business card, laptop, related documents, etc - so I’m not scrambling, and potentially rushing back and forth, last minute (which wastes time!). 
  3. I focus on one thing at a time. This is the hardest since I am super susceptible to multi-tasking. But I find that when I focus on one thing at a time, I get way more things done in a day then if I bounce around, half finishing each task. 
  4. Track Your Time. I used to be better at this in high school and college when I can better estimate how long it takes to complete each task, but tracking your time helps a lot! This stops you from procrastinating and getting distracted because you know what you should be doing during each time slot! 
  5. I take breaks. Kinda. I actually hate breaks but sometimes clearing my head and calming down makes me more productive. I’m a pretty restless person and I like to get things done quickly, so this one is hard for me. But recently, I’ve found that taking breaks (whether it’s spending time with loved ones or just chillin’ on the couch) makes me more focused when working. And if you find yourself constantly burning out then taking breaks are a must! A good 10 minute break may lead to a more productive 2 hours!